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Memorial Day 2029

White marble crosses at grave sites in Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial in Luxembourg.
May 2029
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa

Ascension Day
Thursday May 10
4 years, 10 months, 19 days
or 1784 days


Mothers Day
Sunday May 13
4 years, 10 months, 22 days
or 1787 days


Sunday May 20
4 years, 10 months, 29 days
or 1794 days


Memorial Day
Monday May 28
4 years, 11 months, 7 days
or 1802 days


Memorial Day for the year 2029 is celebrated/ observed on Monday, May 28th.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed every year on the last Monday in May. It honors those who died serving in the United States military. In the United States, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the start of the summer season and with Labor Day weekend ending the summer. Most government and businesses offices will be closed on this Day. Armed Forces Day honors those who currently serve in the military and Veterans Day honors men and women who have previously served in the United States Military.

National Moment of Remembrance

On May 3 2000 the United States (signed by then President Bill Clinton) government pushed out the “National Moment of Remembrance” for Americans at 3pm local time on Memorial Day to take several minutes and stop and reflect and have awareness and reverence for those who have died defending our Nation and our values [1][2].

Days to Memorial Day 2029

Monday, May 28th is day number 148 of the 2029 calendar year with 4 years, 11 months, 7 days until Memorial Day 2029.

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Memorial Day
Name(s):Memorial Day
Type:Federal Holiday
When:Last Monday in May

Dates for Memorial Day

HolidayDateDays to Go
Memorial Day 2023 Monday, May 29, 2023 -389
Memorial Day 2024 Monday, May 27, 2024 -25
Memorial Day 2025 Monday, May 26, 2025 339
Memorial Day 2026 Monday, May 25, 2026 703
Memorial Day 2027 Monday, May 31, 2027 1074
Memorial Day 2028 Monday, May 29, 2028 1438